Learning, Behaviour & Emotion
in Times of Change

20 – 22 October . ISCTE-IUL . Lisbon


We live in a fast-changing world

The dazzling evolution of communication technology, globalization and an ever-growing consumer culture run hand in hand with entirely new habits, new forms of socialization, entertainment and learning. This rate of change brings new challenges for parents, children, adolescents, health professionals and educators as we all try to keep pace...

We live in a fast-changing world

Let’s embrace
the challenge

Our knowledge about the neuroscience of neurodevelopment, learning and language, mental health, and mental illness has also evolved, in the last decade, at a pace unequalled in the history of human knowledge. All areas of clinical neuroscience have been bubbling with new insights, ideas and solutions that make this one of the most exciting areas to work in.

We live in a fast-changing world

Join us in Lisbon this October!

CADIn invites you to take part in our III International Congress, hosting a dozen workshops and more than 20 conferences by national and international experts from such diverse areas as language disorders, autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, epilepsy, sleep, or non-invasive neuromodulation. Offering an eclectic choice of themes and speakers, this is an event that was carefully planned to address a diverse audience of educators, therapists, health professionals and caregivers. Join us by signing up below!

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20 October 12 Workshops

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21 & 22 October Over 20 conferences

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Covering themes including:

Autism and ADHD across the lifespan. New Technologies for Assisted Learning. Social Inclusion. Mood, Behavior and Psychosis. Non-invasive Neuromodulation. Family Interventions in Developmental Disorders. Floortime Approach to Autism. New Family Structures. Learning Disorders, Language Impairment and Dyscalculia. Sleep. Self-harm. Tics. Educational Models. ESSENCE: Early Symptoms and Early Diagnosis. Videogames Addiction. Bullying. Diagnostic Batteries for Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Emotional Comorbidities and Development. Innovative therapies for Autism. Epilepsy

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