Scientific Committee

Pedro Cabral (MD), Pediatric Neurologist and Clinical Director
Bernardo Barahona Corrêa (MD, PhD), Psychiatrist and Scientific Director

Organizing Committee

Ana Rita Gonzalez – Speech Therapist, Coordinator of the Early Childhood Clinical Group
Anita Ayash – Educational Psychologist
Alexandre Sargaço - Speech Therapist
Bernardo Barahona Corrêa (MD, PhD) – Psychiatrist and Scientific Director
Carolina Carneiro – Psychomotor Therapist
Carolina Champalimaud – Clinical Psychologist
Carolina Viana - Clinical Psychologist, Co-coordinator of the School Age Clinical Group
Cláudia Chasqueira - Clinical Psychologist
Cátia Sacadura - Psychomotor Therapist
Fernando Santos (MD) – Child Psychiatrist
Filipa Mendão - Speech Therapist
Filipa Tinoco – Educational Psychologist
Hélia Marques - Speech Therapist
Isabel Costa – Occupational Therapist
Joana Veiga de Macedo - Clinical Psychologist
Joana Horta - Special Education & Rehabilitation Professional
João Cadima - Occupational Therapist
José Carlos Ferreira (MD) – Pediatric Neurologist
Júlia Vinhas - Clinical Psychologist, Coordinator of CADIn Centre in Setúbal
Leonor Ribeiro - Special Education & Rehabilitation Professional, Co-coordinator of the School Age Clinical Group
Luís Ferraz – Neuropsychologist
Magda Alves - Clinical Psychologist
Paula Vilariça (MD) – Child Psychiatrist
Pedro Cabral (MD) – Pediatric Neurologist and Clinical Director
Ricardo Lopes – Neuropsychologist
Rita Lopes da Silva (MD) – Pediatric Neurologist
Rita Soares - Clinical Psychologist
Rosário Carmona - Clinical Psychologist
Rui Martins - Clinical Psychologist
Sandra Pinho - Clinical Psychologist, Coordinator of the Adolescence and Adulthood Clinical Group
Sílvia Jorge (MD) – Pediatrician
Sílvia Lapa – Speech Therapist and Special Education & Rehabilitation Professional
Susana Lúcio - Special Education & Rehabilitation Professional
Susana Mateus – Special Education & Rehabilitation Professional
Ulrica Lowndes Marques - Educational Psychologist

About CADIn

CADIn is a non-profit organization created in 2003. It was the first centre in Portugal fully dedicated to the treatment and study of neurodevelopmental disorders.

CADIn was created as an innovative social responsibility project, driven by the will not only to do good bu to do it well. We aim to be a center of excellence open to everyone. A quarter of the children attending CADIn are supported by the Social Fund. The “Social Fund” is made up of private donations and was created to enable access by everyone, namelly low-income families or children in foster care.

Families find at CADIn a team of professionals specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders who believe that each person has the right to the best possible care in order to reach their full potential.